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Monday, October 28, 2019

Fall's Final Fling?

It wasn't raining, and it wasn't even bitterly cold, just gloomy. I decided to take a walk and picture some of the places I show fairly regularly. This fall hasn't had spectacular colors, and what's left will start coming down in the rain predicted for later this week.

Nevertheless, my "usual" spots aren't too shabby. Here's part of the line of trees along the edge of the cemetery.

autumn color

The Cemetery Creek is always an old friend. I haven't been walking out back very much. Long story, not a quality one. Maybe I'll tell you another day.

autumn color

It rained last night, and that makes the tree trunks dark, so they contrast nicely with the bright maple leaves in the cemetery proper.

autumn color in a cemetery

A mile away, around the corner, is a small wetland. You've seen a number of pictures taken there at various angles. This is just a long shot of one end. Sometimes nice fall pictures are as much about texture as color.

autumn color

Another tree line in the distance with an asparagus field in the middle ground.

autumn color

And now we've reached my photographic destination, the tunnel of trees on Conrad Road. I figured it would still look pretty good, and I think I was right.

Conrad Road tunnel of trees

About a 4 mile walk.

In other news: I wrote in the morning, baked bread (maybe you'll see that tomorrow), and worked on photo sorting a little.

See Conrad Road Tunnel of Trees
See The Creek in Winter
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Ann Thompson said...

You've got some beautiful fall color there. Won't be long before it's all gone

Secondary Roads said...

Conrad Road is my idea of a secondary road of the kind I like.

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