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Sunday, June 27, 2021

How to Sell Books- Bring your Chicken

  Day two at the Muskegon Arts Festival was MUCH better. We had to deal with some wind, but there was no rain.

It's all about the "hook," the sales pitch, the hawking, er "chickening..."

Meet Millie, one of Jean's chickens (a Polish bantam). She's a sweetie, and Jean decided to bring her to the show today. Polish bantam chicken

Was Millie an attraction? Sure! child petting chicken

Jean said Millie did a good day's work selling books, and I got to hold her for a while, too!
Polish bantam chicken

The elephant, er... mastodon, was getting a lot of attention today. It seems it was part of a scavenger hunt. mastodon statue

Someone thought that a parrot would give good advice about what to buy.
parrot on a man's shoulder

Oh, and some of the time, there was the actual work of selling books happening. selling books at an event

I did OK. It was an expensive event, so I think my bottom line wasn't spectacular, but not too bad. I haven't figured it up yet. But good promo and time with other authors. And my canopy didn't get wrecked which did happen to a few people. I'm beat, but all will be fine tomorrow.

See The Elephant in the Room


Ann said...

Sounds like Millie could be your new partner. You write em and she'll sell em...lol

The Oceanside Animals said...

Charlee: "Polly want a paperback! Awk!"
Chaplin: "I wonder if we can convince Dada to get a chicken to help him sell books ..."
Lulu: "You just want a chicken to chase around the house."
Chaplin: "Well, sure, who wouldn't?"

Sharkbytes said...

Ann- any gimmick that works :)

Charlee- I wish Polly wanted a paperback, but you would have a lot of fun chasing the chickens until someone got pecked!

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