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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Just a Walk Along the Pere Marquette

I'm just a vitamin D junkie- when the sun shines I have to go out! I even got Om to go with me today by agreeing to a short walk. So I chose the loop at Scottville Riverside Park.

Pere Marquette River

The sun shining on a bend made everything all sparkly! When we finished the loop I looked back the other way, and had this nice view.

Pere Marquette River

I thought the bleached vines growing on the barberry made a pretty design.

Japanese barberry

That's it... just a nice day.

See Walking and Writing for more on the barberry
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betchai said...

that is a beautiful lake picture

vanilla said...

What a wonderful setting for a Sunday walk!

vanilla said...

What a wonderful setting for a Sunday walk!

gallerydarrow said...

It looks lovely, so glad the sun was shining for you. The barberry is stunning!!

spotted face said...

I have been lacking vitamin D also, and fixed that with a nice walk yesterday. Thank you for sharing the sights!

Sharkbytes said...

betchai- it's just a wide place in the river. It looks very calm, like a lake, but there is such a strong deep current that it is posted "No Swimming"

vanilla- it's only a short drive from my house, and short enough of a walk that sometimes I can get Om to go to... my preferred version of the Sunday Drive!

ro- the barberry is a terrible invasive, but it really is pretty

Casey- I don't know how the "recommended" 30 min a week is adequate!!! Nice to see you.

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