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Monday, February 6, 2012


It's been a long time since I've been working on any craft project, but I've got a little one going again. Anyone want to guess what it will be?

photo label

Here's a tidbit that just comes from nowhere, except that 60 years ago today Queen Elizabeth was crowned. I remember that day, and I remember watching the whole pageant on television. The reason it's locked in my mind is that my father was fascinated by the whole thing. That seemed, and still seems, so out of character for him that it becomes defining. Isn't that odd that sometimes we are remembered for the unusual things about us?

Anyway, Dad not only watched our recently acquired TV all day, giving a running commentary on the events, but the next day he came home with a monstrosity that graced our mantel until after his death in 1976. My mother hated it, and I just thought it was odd, even at the jaded old age of four. It clearly did not fit with the rest of the things in our house. Note early kindergarten skill: which squirrel does not match the others? I hope you are really wondering what it could have been.

But I won't tell just yet. Not that I need any more junk around here, but after Dad died, Mom and I continued to joke about this object, and agreed that we'd sell it. I sure wish we had at least taken a picture before it went to some other sucker delighted owner. I don't have a clue what it originally cost, or what Mom sold it for.

Excuse me, I'm doing an internet search to see if I can find an image of this "thing." Nope... See, if I'd kept it, it might be so rare now as to be worth thousands. (Not) Probably everyone threw them out.

Here we go...Dad came home with a reproduction of the coronation coach, being pulled by eight horses, with a clock in the side of the coach. It was all gold in color, and not finely made. He loved that clock!

Um, I haven't told you much about my dad. He was a no-nonsense man who loved tools, his garden, order, simplicity, and beer. Not ornate, gilded doo-dads. Go figure.

Finally, just a funny from the Riverwalk!

good woman wanted

See Butchy Boy for a picture of my dad
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RNSANE said...

What a great post, Joan...I've been missing your blog.

Your dad sounds like quite a character.

Love the ad...reminds me of some I saw posted by Alaskan men in search of wives.

Ann said...

you have me stumped on what it is you're making there.
Love the story about your dad. Isn't it funny how every now and then something so out of character can fascinate us

Duxbury Ramblers said...

Best guess would be a cover for a golf club, then again it could be a one of a set of bootees for Maggie.
As for the Coronation Coach never saw one with a clock but we still see replicas in local auctions - no I am not tempted to bid all I see is a dust gatherer and we have enough of those:)

spinninglovelydays said...

Laughed out loud at the ad :D

It's always fascinating when people do something out of character. I enjoyed that anecdote about your dad.

What is that? I'm thinking, a sort of cover for the wheeled legs of a chair or table?

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