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Monday, February 20, 2012

No Grouse for Dinner

Maggie and I went for a hike today. I couldn't stay inside! 42 degrees and sunny. It's just impossible to decide what to wear on the feet this winter. There's no snow left at my house. However, in the woods, just 15 miles away on the North Country Trail, we found this:

snowy trail

I had chosen to wear hiking boots. They were adequate to keep from getting wet feet. They were probably the right choice, but the walking was a bit challenging. There were a couple of inches of soggy snow making the footing a lot like walking in loose sand. I had planned to hike for a couple of hours. But my calves were yelling in 15 minutes!

Well, we walked for 70 minutes, and it was plenty for both Maggie and me. I guess it wasn't a great day for wildlife. I saw/heard three species: some grouse flew through the trees, a crow called from a distance, and... you'll have to wait for tomorrow for the other one. I'm making a video.

We did see a lot of tracks, but nothing new.

I think the best story is the grouse that did not become someone's dinner. I'm guessing a fox, due to the large number of those tracks I saw.

Said grouse lost a couple of tailfeathers.

grouse tail feather

No problem... but it also lost a few body feathers.

grouse body feathers

And, there were also a few breast feathers!

grouse breast feathers

But... that was all. No blood drops, no other feathers. There weren't any grouse tracks, so I'm thinking the bird was coming in for a landing, saw the fox and tried to lift off again, and the fox managed to grab a mouthful of feathers, but nothing else.

I love stories in the snow!

I think you'll like tomorrow's video... something new (as in not blogged about previously).

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rainfield61 said...

I love your stories in snow.

john bain said...

This was very enjoyable. Not for the fox though, and the grouse is feeling the chill!

Ann said...

well it sounds like a good day for everyone but the fox

La Mode Operandi said...

My weekend was spend hiking in my own backyard! I hadn't even realized how beautiful it was until i decided to get lost

Sharkbytes said...

rainfield- you will like today's even better. I communed with the very small.

John- perhaps the grouse does have some grouse pimples!

Ann- yup! But I hope he/she found some dinner later.

LaMode- there is always lots to see, even in our own backyards! Thanks for stopping by.

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