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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

High Point Oceana County

Have I mentioned on this blog that I've started writing a weekly column for the Mason County Press? The proprietor is just getting it started, so for now, no money, but there is hope that will actually change. Of course it's about outdoor adventures.

So, today, I went to find the high point of Oceana County which is just south of me. I'll be showing you different things from what I'll use for my column, which will run on Feb 23.

All in all, as a means of getting exercise, the trip was a dud. Supposedly, there are four peaks of equal height (or so close that you should visit all four to be sure you got the highest). Here's the obvious one.

Oceana County High Point

That picture was taken just about where I parked, so you can see how difficult of a walk I had. Not.

However, I was rewarded with a couple of decent views, except for the fact that the day was completely overcast. Here's what I could see to the east.

Oceana County High Point view

The other three points are along a ridge just on the other side of the road. I got two of them in one picture. I've pointed them out with arrows, because they certainly don't stand out.

Oceana County High Point

But Maggie and I dutifully walked to the top of each of them. The only views were more trees, albeit a little lower down.

I'm glad I've done it. I always wondered where the actual high point was. Oh, it's 1083 feet above sea level. I'm not sure I walked that many horizontal feet to visit all four points!

See Mason County High Point
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Preschool Math Online said...

good thinking..! nice clicks:)

vanilla said...

Sharkey's walkin' on top of the world! Well, on top of Oceana County, anyway.

DAni said...

I once had a thought of climbing to the highest point in each state. Maybe you could climb to the highest point in each country in your state.

Dani @ ONNO Organic Clothing

Ann said...

well there was a nice view from that first one

betchai said...

So glad for you Sharkbytes, so proud to have a writer and hiker friend who have accomplished so much. I pray to be as healthy as you. Beautiful pictures.

Sharkbytes said...

vanilla- I try to stay on top of things

Dani- I don't think every state is going to happen, but I might be able to swing all the counties in my state

Ann- the views are so situation dependent, I'm glad there was some kind of one.

betchai- just keep walkin! I'm sure you'll get to many more places than I ever have

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