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Thursday, March 16, 2017

All I Have to Share is Food

Tomorrow is a St. Patrick's Day pot luck at work. I'm taking Irish Soda Bread (whole wheat- sorry Beth & Terrie) and Broccoli Salad.

Do recipes bring back memories of how you acquired them? The salad was a staple at church potlucks brought by our pastor's wife, Esther Lloyd-Jones. She shared the recipe with me, and it's always a hit when I make it. The bread recipe was found in a magazine when we were searching for different recipes after Omer's heart attack. We really love it.

soda bread and broccoli salad

Speaking of work; it's been nuts. The paper lost a key employee this week and everyone's been scrambling to cover the position. A lot of the tasks have been temporarily (we hope) assigned to us in the mailroom. Since no one knew all the parts of the job we've been making a lot of mistakes. The lady from the front office who's been fielding all the calls about things that aren't being done right came back to tell us of another item late this afternoon. She said, "There aren't enough drugs to make this job tolerable."

And, the big truck is in the shop, so we are short on tubs, and deliveries (to other warehouses) are difficult. We are shuffling things to make it all work, but the plan changes minute by minute.

So, it will be another fun day tomorrow. Well, the food will be fun. The rest will get done somehow or other, hopefully with fewer mistakes.

I'm surprisingly tired, and we are starting at 9 am, so I'm winding down for the night.

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Secondary Roads said...

That bread and salad look very good. At least you're not bored at work.

Ann Thompson said...

The bread and broccoli salad look good. Hope things calm down at work soon

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