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Friday, March 31, 2017

Firecracker Vine?

A couple of days ago on a walk I was drawn to a pile of dirt with yellow and orange "things" scattered about. From a distance they sort of looked like rotted yellow tomatoes. I had to go take a look.

Firecracker Vine

What I found was a plant with ombre red to orange/yellow seed pods.

Firecracker Vine

It was obvious that these had been growing along the stalk, in alternate manner.

Firecracker Vine

My best guess is Ipomoea lobata, firecracker vine. It's an annual plant, from Brazil, used in gardens. You may recognize the genus. It's the same as sweet potato vines used in many planters. This plant isn't trailing, though; the flowers hang from upright stalks (if I've got the right plant!)

There were seeds in some of the cases. I think I'll take some next time I walk by. They seem to have been thrown away. And if they don't grow for me it won't have cost anything.

I'm off for the night of work in a bit.

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Ann said...

If you try planting some you'll have to let us know if they grow or not

Secondary Roads said...

A curious looking plant. I'll be waiting for further episode[s] of this story.

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