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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Blue Sun-Day

This is not a statement about how I feel. OK, I admit to being a bit bummed out that I'm not at the Philadelphia Flower Show with my friends, but they've sent me pictures. Someone else posted a picture on Facebook of my newspaper column. I reconnected with an acquaintance from college. Many of you commiserated with me when I admitted I would like to take a fun trip. There's really not much to complain about.

It was sunny (although cold), and I took a nice walk. Here are my blue pictures.

Open water and ice on a wetland pond. I love this one.

water and ice

A blue jay being blue against the blue sky.

blue jay

The end of the wetland that is ice free.


Blue sky above gray and brown fields. Not spring yet. Actually, that's good. If it had stayed so warm this early it would spell doom for the fruit crops, and the ticks will be awful. They might be anyway. We didn't used to have ticks in the north.

winter landscape

Finally, a picture sent by my friends from the flower show. Blue tulips. Pretty sure they were dyed, but they certainly are blue. (by Rachael Castro-Diephouse)

blue tulips

See, blue doesn't make me sad. It cheers me up!

See Flower Show Color 2015
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Ann said...

Since blue is my favorite color it never makes me sad.

Secondary Roads said...

I'm feeling the blues today--mostly because of the weather.

Lin said...

Uh oh...everyone has the blues.

Chicago has a flower show coming up I think. You've got free housing here if you decide you'd like to go.

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