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Monday, March 20, 2017

Very Early Spring Color Wheel

I'm searching hard for color. Not surprisingly, these are pretty much the same things that have color early in the season every year. Even so, they are welcome.

Red osier dogwood- I think I pictured this very same patch last year, but it's so vibrant!

red osier dogwood

A beech leaf looking like a dragonish boat in some miniature world.

beech leaf

A dried up polypore fungus. More creamy than yellow, but still interesting

polypore fungus

I know, moss is so trite. But it's looking very green and little else is yet.


Yes, the blue sky is even more trite. But it was also a treat, since the forecast for the day was cloudy skies. One of the best parts of the leafless seasons is interesting branches against the blue. (And I dried clothes outside again!)

branches against sky

Black raspberry canes always look so purple in the spring!

black raspberry canes

And now for a story, for free.

While I was taking this walk, I stopped briefly beside a small wetland to look for any life that might be popping up. Something came up behind me and began snuffling at my legs. I turned to find a reddish golden retriever there at my side.

I petted her and she took my hand in her mouth and tugged as if to lead me somewhere. She was being very gentle, but had a tooth between the tendons on the back of my hand so it hurt anyway. I extricated my hand and told her she was a good dog. She did not try to follow me, and when I came back down the road she was no where to be seen.

Because she was a reddish color, like Irene's former Sandy Fe, it almost seemed like a visit from Sandy's spirit. I don't really believe in that stuff, but it felt odd anyway.

And I grew up on TV classics like Rin-Tin-Tin and Lassie. There was a small piece of my consciousness that felt guilty for not letting the dog lead me where she wanted to take me. Perhaps some child had fallen down a well and must be rescued, or Timmy was in trouble, or...

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Ann said...

Love your spring color whee. This time of year and color is a welcome sight.
Interesting story about the dog. I think I would have followed to see what it was up to

Secondary Roads said...

I hope, for your own sake, that you don't read in the paper that Timmy drowned in the well. What an interesting story. Oh, and I love the spring color wheel.

vanilla said...

Won't you always be haunted by the what if?

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