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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Study in Red

Today's red letter achievement is that the taxes are ready to file. I rewarded myself by doing nothing at all this evening.

I'm not a fan of red, but I do love contrast and lots of color. So this is a nice counterpoint to all the blue this week. I've actually been taking the pictures over the course of several days.

I played with two of them to enhance effects. Can you tell what they are? Answers at end.

poinsettia bract

indicator light

red ink

nonwoven fabric

1. Poinsettia bract. Our Christmas one is still looking pretty good.
2. An indicator light on the press at work. I increased the contrast till it simplified the color palate.
3. The dregs of a bucket of red ink at work.
4. A non-woven reusable shopping bag. The edges are enhanced to show the waffle pattern. Did you know these are made of plastic (polypropolene)? Did you know you have to use one about 50 times to make it the economic equivalent of disposable shopping bags? While I was researching what they are really made of I learned quite a few interesting facts. Maybe the basis for a future post.

Which picture do you like best? Why?

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1 comment:

Secondary Roads said...

My favorite is the poinsettia because it is a living organism.

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