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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Nesting Time?

Walking out back today. A red-tail hawk overhead with something in its mouth. Not a great picture, but I did manage to at least catch the bird in the frame. Blown up, whatever it's carrying does not look like an animal. And when they hunt, they pick the animal up in their talons. So I think it had to be collecting something to make a nest. It flew to my hilltop cluster of white pine. It would be neat if it nested there!

red tail hawk

In other news, Beth has the week off at work. So Terrie had me organize the pallets of inserts to get the five out and ready for tomorrow's paper, and then put the piles that were all over on the shelves, stack the empty pallets, etc. Here's the result. Great chance to practice driving the fork lift. I also had to take it outside onto the road to unload a truck today too.

shelves of pallets

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Ann said...

Is there any job left that you don't know how to do? Anyone at work that is able to do multiple jobs I refer to as a multi-purpose employee

Secondary Roads said...

Love that pic of the red tail.

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