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Friday, March 23, 2018

Conrad Road Tunnel of Trees

The Conrad Road tunnel of trees is a special place. Of course, the trees are getting really old, and they'll probably cut them all down one of these days, no matter how much everyone local likes the place.

Meanwhile... here is the tunnel in late winter/early spring, with just the bare trees. Going west:

Conrad Road tunnel of trees near Scottville Michigan

And going east:

Conrad Road tunnel of trees near Scottville Michigan

Of course, it's really beautiful in the fall. See picture at link below with the view west.

In other news: Worked, and then spent the rest of the day formatting the children's books for e-books. And I'm headed to work again in a couple of hours.

See Late Fall Driveabout
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Ratty said...

These are just wonderful. That's the kind of thing I search for. Most of the time my own pictures don't do the real thing justice.

Ann said...

Love them. There is a road here that has a tunnel of trees like that. In the last year, some have fallen, others have been cut down and others look like they are not in good shape.

Secondary Roads said...

Have a similar scene just south of us. Love that place.

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