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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Historic Hansen Dairy

Today was beyond frustrating. I can't seem to get EPUB to accept my book files. And it's not something I'm doing wrong, it's a random issue with the conversion. I'm supposed to just keep trying. This isn't going to work to do this with multiple books and updates to add titles every time I publish a new one.

Then I had handbells and writers' group. Work in the morning.

So, enjoy a picture of the former Hansen Dairy. I know it doesn't look too interesting. But it is interesting to me. When we first moved here, we had milk in bottles delivered to our door. How amazing is that? This is the farm and office building where that service came from.

Hansen Dairy buildings Scottville Michigan

Work in the morning, so I have to get to bed. There is no other news. I spent all day on this one effort.

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Ann said...

That sounds like major frustration with the book issues. I remember when we used to get milk delivered to our door. We had one of those boxes that they would leave it in and that's where we would put the empty glass bottles for them to collect.

vanilla said...

Visited the dairy that delivered the milk back in the 40s. What was most fascinating? The electric bug zappers frying the flies!

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