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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Kitchenhenge - Spring 2018

I haven't done a spring equinox kitchenhenge since 2011. It's time.

The idea is that I stand on my top kitchen step and catch a picture of sunrise. I've discussed all the variables that make it an in-exact project. But it's fun anyway. Here is today's equinox sunrise at 7:48 this morning (of course that's 6:48 actual sun time).

spring equinox sunrise March 20,2018

You may recall that I run a red line through the same tree (if it's ever removed, I'm in trouble!) so you can align things. I took the four years I had, 2009 at the bottom then working up 2010 and 2011, and the big skip to 2018 (too lazy, cloud cover, forgot?), lined them up and sized them about the same.

comparative panel of four spring equinox sunrises

The sun isn't perfectly aligned in all of them because of all those variables I mentioned, but it's pretty close.

In other news, I spent all day on The ABZ Affair, but it's gone for approval, and cases of the first two books are already on their way to me.

Tomorrow morning is work. After this intense weekend it's going to feel pretty easy. I think I'm going to bed with a book. A book just for fun.

See Spring 2010 for a list of some of the variables
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Ann said...

Well it looks like this year has the most impressive sunrise

Secondary Roads said...

I'm not always awake at sunrise. For that reason I observe the position of the setting sun. At the equinox it sets between the twin silos about a quarter-mile west of our house.

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