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Monday, March 5, 2018

Fort Wayne Home and Garden Show- Decorative Animals

Since most of the Fort Wayne Home and Garden Show was more about selling things than wowing people with displays, one had to look for little gems hidden among the vendors. However, I think this first one, the primary colored bull, was just a display. He's cute. He'd go well in my kitchen (except I do not need any more stuff).

painted metal bull at the Fort Wayne Flower Show

I'm not exactly sure what you are supposed to do with these little heads on sticks, but they are happy. Maybe you just stick them in the garden so there is a smiling face poking through the blossoms.

animal heads on sticks at the Fort Wayne Flower Show

The laid-back frog is for my buddy Lin.

relaxing frog decor at the Fort Wayne Flower Show

The most amazing art was being sold by a lady who makes these from leather. Each is unique. She sculpts the form for the animal head, then molds and arranges the leather over it. Eventually, when the leather is dry, she breaks the form out. She had horses and wolves.

sculpted leather wolf head at the Fort Wayne Flower Show

But her most impressive was this bison.

sculpted leather bison head at the Fort Wayne Flower Show

Today, Ester and I just chilled and fixed a nice meal at her house. I took a couple of walks and finished The ABZ Affair.

See Fort Wayne Home and Garden Show intro
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Ann said...

You found some cute stuff. That frog is perfect for Lin. Those leather animals are simply amazing. What a unique idea.

vanilla said...

The leather works are really quite impressive.

Lin said...

I need that frog for next to my pond!

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