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Monday, March 26, 2018

5 Mile Walk - Another New Route

Drove two miles and was able to do a different five-mile walk today. I thought it was going to be six miles, but when I was back at the car in 90 minutes, I said, "don't think so." Measured it, and it's five. Actually, that's perfect because most days I don't have time for a six-mile loop. This is LaSalle Road. Not bad, eh? It turns into a mudpit when wet, but not today.

tunnel of trees in winter on LaSalle Road Mason County Michigan

This is a loop I would definitely do again. Although I came home with fewer pictures, there is potential for interesting things when spring gets going. Lots of woods and wetlands. There were a fair number of little hills and dips to give the surface variety, and it's not a square, but more a Z, so there are no forever long stretches.

I had no idea there's a little lake tucked in there, Vogel Lake. All private.

Vogel Lake Mason County Michigan

This house is looking sad. It's too bad. There was someone living there not too long ago, but the nice brickwork is all falling off. It's probably beyond repair now.

dilapidated brick house with quoins

What you can't quite see is a purple bicycle hidden by the grass and leaning against the porch. I'm thinking there was a kid there exploring. Could have been me X years ago!

dilapidated brick house with quoins

I heard sandhill cranes both yesterday and today. And I have to wonder if this is the same heron as yesterday. I was only a mile west of yesterday's walk.

blue heron flying

The weather was really nice. Maybe about 50 degrees in the sun. We are supposed to get rain tonight. That would be good since there is a burn ban in the county until we get some.

In other news: I wrote my monthly column, worked on e-book formatting, record keeping, and did some more stuff around the house. More would have been better, but I accomplished enough that I'm not kicking myself. PS. I'm still loving my vacuum cleaner.

See 5 Mile Walk- New Route
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Ann said...

That house looks like it was pretty nice in it's better days. Yesterday it looked nice out but the wind was very cold.

Lin said...

I don't think I have ever seen brick just fall off a house like that. Poor brickwork?? Sad to see it fall into such disrepair.

Glad you got out hiking. We did a lot in California--Joshua Tree to be exact. Gosh, it felt good to be out in the fresh air and warm sunshine...and get these bones MOVING! Although the rocky climbs and altitude changes sort of challenged me. I have to keep that momentum going...if the weather would cooperate.

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