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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Fort Wayne Home and Garden Show- Live Animals

At the Fort Wayne Home and Garden Show, Ester and I decided to wander through the other two halls which were exclusively retail. Except we sort of forgot that one end was devoted to family and children's activities. We stumbled onto a petting zoo. The animals were really calm. I'm not sure why the rabbits were all content to just sit still in their open containers (boxes, pails, etc) and wait for the next little kid, but they were.

gray lop ear rabbit in a red box

The pony looked bored. I hope he was only bored and not sad.

Shetland pony

The liveliest critters were the baby goats. They were hopping on and off mom constantly. She was completely unperturbed by eight hard little hooves

baby goat standing on mother goat back

The lambs' major goal was to butt the pig and get it to run around.

lambs and pot belly pig

I liked the tuxedo rabbit best.

tuxedo rabbit in a pail

This was a nice find in the midst of all the patio bricks and roofing and siding companies. It made me smile to see the children interacting with the creatures. I'm sure city and suburban kids get few chances to do this on a regular basis. (Not pictured was a chicken that appeared to love being petted, and some baby ducks)

See Fort Wayne- Decorative Animals
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Ann said...

always fun to visit with animals

Lin said...

I like the animals too. Always amazes me how they tolerate everyone reaching for them.

They have a little petting zoo outside mass on Christmas...it's like a live nativity, but with a fake baby Jesus. The last few years, the llama was a stinker...didn't want anyone to touch him. He wasn't there this year and when I asked about him, I learned that he went to go live with Jesus. It was sad. Poor, grumpy old guy.

Secondary Roads said...

The formal rabbit is a good choice.

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