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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Shapes of Trees III

I'm having a tired day. Didn't sleep much last night, came home from work cold and with a headache. No big deal, just not able to get myself into gear to do as much as I wanted. Managed a couple of things, so at least I can say I did something in a forward direction.

These are some nice tree shapes from the walk the other day. Here's a big old beech tree.

beech tree winter shape

And, this has been hiding in plain sight all along. Never noticed it on that walk before. A white birch all alone, so you can really see its natural shape as well.

white birch tree winter shape

It's going to be VERY early to bed. This is not a post-project crash. I think it's just the aftereffects of not sleeping well.

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Ann said...

I always like the look of the bare branches against a blue sky. Of course, I think I would prefer to see the trees full of leaves.

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