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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Redtail Display

Was sitting in my chair doing some editing. Looked out the window and a redtail hawk was dancing on the electric pole! Darn camera has a terrible time focusing when there are small branches in the way, but I got one decent (although sedate) picture before it flew off.

redtail hawk

It might have been a better picture even so, except it is WAY too easy to accidentally change the settings on this camera. I had somehow switched it to a low resolution setting. I knew that and thought I had it fixed, but only to medium. So, the hawk picture is grainier than it might have been. O well.

I did get it fixed before the wonderful sunset. I just can't pass up sharing all this color with you.


As always... pardon the wires in both pictures. They are there... I can't make them go away (well, the pictures aren't so wonderful that it's worth the hours to photoshop fix). At least you know I'm just snapping views from my world not going out of my way to find epic shots.

In other news: Work on Thursdays is long and intense. I didn't sit down from 8:45 till 3:40, and then only in the car to get to the grocery store, so it wasn't until 4:30 that I actually got to relax. It seems to take me a couple of hours to get my second wind after days like this. Now it's already 9 pm, but I'm going to try to do some more ebook formatting.

See Red Tail Hawk It Is!
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Ann said...

I like both pictures. The funny thing is that when I was looking at the sunset picture I didn't even notice the wires. I was so focused on the color that they just didn't show up until I really looked for them

Secondary Roads said...

Ditto what Ann said. Again.

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