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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Red, Pearl, and Blue

Today was a lovely day in more ways than one. The temperature made it up to 52 degrees. Shorts! Took a nice walk around my kingdom after recuperating from work.

And I solved the formatting problem for the ebook files! O frabjous joy!

Here's today's red. A Cardinal.

cardinal in spring

The sunrise was pearly. It was foggy and frosty and misty. The picture doesn't do it justice.

pearly sunrise

Tried for a picture of a blue jay. That would have given me blue. What I got was a picture of a tangle of empty branches. Par for the course. Then I saw a little bird on a branch far away. No clue what it was till I blew up the picture on the computer. It's the bluebird! Of course at that distance with the back lighting you can't see the blue, and his chest is russet anyway, but that's what it is, so it counts for blue!


I was despairing of having the ebooks formatted by March 31. Suddenly, things are looking much better. Back to work!

See First Bluebird of 2009 was on March 15
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Ann said...

An all American post with the patriotic colors. If anyone challenges your blue in the last picture you can just say that the first has all three. There is the cardinal, the blue sky and the white from the line running through the branches

Secondary Roads said...

You've got to love it when it's pearly early in the morning. I saw a bluebird here in a similar position last evening. Didn't bother with the camera.

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