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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

4.3 Hot Miles with Cathy

Cathy suggested we go for a walk, which was a really good idea. Although I've figured that roofing and digging dirt and gardening were good for my core muscles, they aren't hiking. We went out to Ludington State Park- a beautiful place, and since it's not open for camping yet, it's not overrun with people. We did the Logging Trail, where one can see this lovely view.

wetland view

Here's an impressive Chicken Mushroom.

chicken mushroom

There are a few of the CCC stone shelters left in the park. Several were taken down a number of years ago, but they still maintain three of them.

stone shelter built by the CCC

We chose the Logging Trail because it's wide, so we could walk side-by-side and visit. There are other trails in the park with more views, the big lake, Hamlin Lake, etc, but we opted for some socialization after 12 weeks. Even I don't mind a visit with a friend now and again.

The big news is that it was hot. About 90 degrees. I carried a full pack with about 26 pounds of weight. Well... it didn't feel too good, but I wasn't dying at the end. That's a real positive outcome for my first real exertion on such a hot day. It was very good to do this. I am a lot happier than I look. Don't know why I was squinty! Cathy, as always, looks great!


In other news: I did some errands, a little gardening... like cover all my remaining plants with wire tents after the deer devastated the hostas this morning. Not sure what else. That can't have been all I did, but maybe it was.

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Ann said...

Well that sounds like a lot to do in one day to me. The hike alone would have done me in especially in the heat. It was really hot here yesterday

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