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Monday, June 1, 2020


OK, I cheated. I had to do a shopping run to have things for my dinner, so I let myself buy that sedum I wanted. It's called 'Lemon Ball.' Species is Sedum rupestre. Cold hardy, mounds up, and as you can see, has a nice lemon yellow flower.

And it has friends. I also bought some coleus that were quite cheap. Looked at petunias, but both Om and I are going to be gone a lot this summer, so those would probably just get leggy and ugly. I'll put the coleus where the daffodils are dying down. The other four pots are baby trees that I found and will try to transplant. And there are two more to pot up yet.

bedding plants

So how badly did I cheat? Actually, I'm almost done clearing the flower bed. Maybe one more hour. I would have tried to finish today but the wind was kicking dirt in my face, so I changed and went to the store. It started raining before I got home. It's a lovely gentle spring rain- perfect just after all the disturbance to the plants.

The view from the west end. Just a little bit to do, but I don't want to break the stems of the one thing that's actually blooming now, so I was going to wait on that anyway.

flower bed

The view from the east end. One patch to finish, but it's an easy one.

flower bed

There are more things alive than I expected. Would you like a tour another day or two? I know... these pictures mostly look like bare dirt.

In other news: That's it. I weeded and shopped. One of those was fun. OK, it was fun buying plants. I was only crabby because they store didn't have the salad greens I wanted.

See The Sedum on the End of the Stick

1 comment:

Ann said...

Good for you getting those plants. It's nice to treat yourself every now and then.

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