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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Just Chillin'

I'm still with Ester, and we mostly concentrated on not doing very much. That was perfect for me! I did take a little 4-mile walk around her country block. A lovely pastoral scene

pastoral scene

I hope the kids are coming back to put the pony away. Meanwhile, it was waiting patiently.

pony cart

And this smallish woodchuck was keeping an eye on me.

photo label

I have more pictures from the trail for you, but may need to get home with my books to nail down some identifications first. I think there is another day of chillin' ahead.

However, I am sort of beginning to think about it being time to get my head back into author mode. Sort of. I read the first five chapters of The Lonely Donkey to Ester, and she likes it. That may motivate me.

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vanilla said...

My kind of day! (Well, except for the four-mile walk.)

Ann said...

sounds like a leisurely kind of day. I need some of those.

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