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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Restful Day #2

I may be getting rested; I'm starting to feel a little antsy to be doing something. Nevertheless, we managed to avoid doing much again today. We cleared a few fallen branches off the drive to Ester's shop, and I took a different 4 mile walk. There was only a half-mile of overlap with yesterday's route.

She lives in some serious farm country. Farms in full summer can make lovely scenes.

farm scene

And one of the roads was picture perfect.

road with trees shading it

I'm pretty sure this is a juvenile red-tail hawk. It flew into the tree, and I tried to snap a picture. Caught it, but not a great shot!

juvenile red-tail hawk

Passed by Thompson Lake. Lots of cottages on the side where I was.

Thompson Lake

And in that final overlap from yesterday, I saw the same pony. No longer hitched to the cart, it trotted over to the fence and wanted to say hello, but I wasn't going into the poison ivy to pet it. I just talked to it. Lovely temperature, slight breeze.


I think we have a plan for tomorrow. Ester and I, not the pony and I!

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