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Saturday, June 13, 2020


Did a 5-mile road loop with the pack today. The temperature was perfect. The new pants feel great. The colors were wonderful- all my favorites, blue and yellow.

Got a picture of a bobolink. I'm pretty sure this is the same field where I saw some a few years ago. Those pictures were terrible, but they prove I saw them.


The daisies are alien, but they are so cheerful I find it difficult to care.


And this is also alien, but one of my favorites for the bright clear yellow. It's bird-foot trefoil.

bird foot trefoil

The sky had to celebrate too.

summer sky

And common buttercups also have that yellow thing going.


In other news: I did a little gardening, and tried to get the lawnmower going. No luck, despite two trips to the store. I have to call in help. So the grass won't get mowed before I leave. Sigh.

See Vermont Bobolink

1 comment:

Ann said...

Well that's about as perfect as a day can get.

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