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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Here I Go


I am in the wooods. For various reasons I started hhiking at 7:30 pm. Did 2.5 miles. Need to make thi quick because it's getting dark. But thi is really happening. I have lightning bugs and a whipporwill. OK, an mosquitoes

I started with a great sendoff by Chuck and Sylvia. And rhubarb pie for breakfast. The bestest!

And then Marilyn, whom I had't seen since she was about 14, spotted my car and dropped me at the trailhead.

Gotta go. I's getting dark and I have to eat something,
See True Blue Gumby II


Ann said...

Happy trails :)

Secondary Roads said...

Glad your current adventure is off to a good start.

Unknown said...

awesome! Enjoy your reports -

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