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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Hike Food Day... Half, Anyway

Today, I planned to get a lot, lot done on the food for my hike. Well, I got one of those "lots" done. Filled the dehydrator. That's 9 trays.

Excalibur dehydrator with food

I couldn't stagger them to show you everything in the other picture, so here are the other two.

dehydrated food

After I ate lunch I started to package and weigh meals. Turned on the water to wash something. Nope. Here we go again.

Opened the well pit. A woodchuck has moved in two feet of dirt over an area that is about 8x4 feet. It's a lot of dirt. The pump was partially covered. The heater I bought just 16 months ago (when we also bought a NEW pump) was totally buried. Om and I worked at digging that all out for two hours. Then he was done (he really isn't supposed to be doing anything that hard, so I was just very glad to have help for however long he felt ok with it.) I went back down after supper and took out 10 more buckets of dirt. It's all cleared around the pump and tank, and probably if I do 20 more buckets tomorrow it will be good.

Needless to say, I think the bulk of the day was spent digging. But... two good things. It got me into that pit before winter came and things froze (since heaters don't work well under dirt), and I'm counting it as conditioning for the hike.

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Ann said...

Dehydrating food sounds like a much better job than digging dirt. Hope you get it all cleared out of there. Is there a way to keep the critters out?

Jean Davis said...

Darn groundhog! (I say in a censored manner) ;)

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