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Friday, June 26, 2020

Softshell Turtle

I stopped on the way north today and did some more checking of the North Country Trail between Albion and Battle Creek. This includes some nice riverwalk sections in Albion and Marshall. The river is the Kalamazoo River.

Kalamazoo River

Some of it was a really nice raised boardwalk.

Marshall Riverwalk

But the really best part was this sight. Can you tell what it is? Two logs with turtles on them. For right now, just look at the big ones.

logs with turtles

I think this is the biggest softshell turtle I've ever seen. It's about 16-18 inches long.

softshell turtle

For perspective look at the closer log. There are two painted turtles on the front of it- about 6 inches long. Then there are two softshells in the middle that are maybe a foot long. Then one of the monsters on the far end.

logs with turtles

This is the closest look I've ever gotten at these guys! What do you think it's thinking?

softshell turtle

I'm back at Chuck & Sylvia's tonight. Probably home tomorrow.

Total NCT miles for 2020- 205

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Ann said...

I have never seen a softshell turtle before. I don't know what he's thinking but that last picture makes him look like he's pretty grumpy.

Secondary Roads said...

That one log is turtle central. Looks like a nice hike/walk. Glad you made it here--mostly dry.

Lin said...

What a beauty! I love turtles almost as much as frogs...and I love when we get to see them.

vanilla said...

"There's lunch-- if I could only move a little faster."

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