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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Remember the Hiking Pants Crisis?

If you were with me back on the Midland to Mackinac Trail two years ago, you know that my pants shredded. I found a pair of slacks at a thrift store that would work, and I haven't done anything else about that issue since then. However, this is a real hike. I don't want pants with regular pockets because you can't get into them when you are wearing the backpack.

Solution? I've been making my own for several decades. I had even ordered a nylon-cotton blend fabric to make a really nice pair. (remember, I can't wear polyester) Here we go.

sewing a pair of hiking pants

I actually cut out two pairs while I was at it. I have fabric for a second pair, but it's not this fancy stuff. There's a double layer of blue fabric under the green. I might get them put together, too. These are basically pajamas with cargo pockets. I never have to worry about a broken zipper or failed elastic, or buttons or snaps. The only part that takes more than the blink of an eye is the pockets. I did them yesterday.

sewing a pair of hiking pants

Finished up today.

sewing a pair of hiking pants

As I said, the important part is the pockets.

sewing a pair of hiking pants

I'm sitting here in my new pants. The fabric seems comfortable. I'll have to hike in them to really know. Especially on a hot day.

In other news: I worked in my gardens some. Went shopping with a list of 4 things and came home with 5, but they weren't necessarily the same as what was on the list. I went for a 3-mile walk with Teeny at 26 pounds. Then I finished the pants.

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PeggyK said...

I totally understand the list of 4 and coming home with 5, not necessarily the ones on the list! Very clever on the pants.

Ann said...

Great job on the pants. The pockets look perfect. I can sew but I doubt I could manage to make my own pattern.
I always get what's on the list (so long as the store has it) but I end up getting extras too.

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