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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Big M is Big!

I'm trying to get Big M ski area (Udell Hills) added to my Get Off The Couch web site. It's a huge area with over 40 miles of trails. I've been making slow progress on it for months, collecting info, making the map. I finally managed to hike all of the ski trails and get descriptions in the past couple of weeks. Now those have to be taken from my tapes and coded into the web site. The map has to be finished. There are also mountain bike trails that I've not yet either walked or ridden, but I have some descriptions of those from an old, third-party source. At any rate, I got a lot of work done on this page today. I finally feel like I might actually be able to get it posted in just a couple of days with enough info to be useful. So that's why I feel good about today! Did some "chilin' out" too!

See SPW Ski Outing at Big M
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