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Thursday, November 6, 2008



Doesn't the name "Sempervivum" just sound like a march? Today wasn't too exciting. Computer work all morning. In the afternoon I did manage to get the hoses put away, some garden ornaments taken in, a few perennials planted, and the dog walked before the sky darkened and the summer weather ended. But look what was blooming in the flower garden! This is the strangest little sempervivum (live forever!), also known as Hen and Chicks. All the other varieties that I have bloom with various pink, aster-like flowers. This one has a cluster of little yellow bottles. It's hardy and it grows like wildfire. And here we are, after two hard frosts already, with a gorgeous flower head on the 6th of November. March on to your own drummer, little sempervivum!

See Rainbow, No Rain
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Anonymous said...

Lovely story! It is unusul for Jovibarba (now included in genus Sempervivum) to flower that alte in the year.

Come and see some my semps at

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Hi- I tried to register for your blog, but the activation link won't accept me. I'd love to see your semps, but can't get in. Thanks for stopping by!

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