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Saturday, November 8, 2008

First Snow and Last Hike


Woke to the first snow of the season this morning, but since I overslept, I was rushing to make it to the trail club hike on time and didn't take a picture. It was wet and fluffy, about two inches, covering all the bushes and trees. It was melted before I returned home.

Farther east at the hike location it had not snowed hardly at all. One other hiker braved the suddenly cold and damp weather. Maggie wasn't too happy about those conditions! But we hiked the outer loop at Sheep Ranch Pathway, about 4.5 miles, and finished just before the serious rain began. The picture is of Wayne, the other hiker, and Maggie, at the closest approach to the Baldwin River. Last hike? Oh... not REALLY, but it might be the last one before gun deer season begins on Nov 15. I pretty much stay out of the woods for those two weeks of the year.

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