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Friday, November 21, 2008

First Snowshoeing

Anyone who knows me already knows that this is probably a standard yearly quality item. But it's true! I love the first day that there is enough snow to bother to put on the snowshoes! I confess to being pretty much a Walter Mitty type. I push through the snow and pretend that I'm one of the survivors of the Donner's Pass group who trudged out to rescue making barely 5 miles a day in their weakened condition. I pat myself on the back thinking about being savvy enough to fashion crude snowshoes from fir boughs and be smarter than the man who tried to hike from his stuck vehicle, stumbled through snow 10 miles in a circle and perished a mile from returning to his car. His wife and child were rescued from the vehicle. Or perhaps I'm just some early explorer of the eastern woodlands when they were the wild west... Oh well, it was also the first day to run the snowblower. Perhaps I'm just an old lady who now smells like exhaust... ...but then again... there's Natty Bumpo, or...

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