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Thursday, November 27, 2008

We Were... Loud!

playing bagpipes, violin, accordion

I don't think anyone is going to throw money when they hear us play (well, actually Sean on the bagpipes is good enough that he gets paid to play sometimes), but Jason and I are mostly having fun.

We finally figured out how the three of us could play together. Sean mostly plays by ear (and I don't very well). But he had a book of Christmas carols for bagpipes. But the bagpipes are in a different key. Jason and I figured out that we could play from that music if we just played the same notes, but added two sharps.

So the three of us played a whole lot of carols, and Jason and I played some other stuff too. When we get a chance we are working on some folk music, waltzes, and stuff like that.

(And we all ate till we popped. I played piano with Ida for a while - she's 7 and taking lessons, and loves to play. Valory and a friend played Monopoly, and most of the little kids watched a movie. Just a fun day with good friends.)


Unknown said...


I always have a good day hearing a bagpipe or seeing someone writing about it with joy.

I'm a bagpiper myself you see.

It must have been an interesting combination, you three.

Have a nice weekend.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Laane! Wow! I think there are more pipers out there than one might realize. Not many here though. Sean is becoming something of a local celebrity. And we did sound interesting together. Better than you might imagine. Of course our audience was relatives and friends who cheer us on even when we know we have messed up badly!