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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Philadelphia Flower Show 2009 - IV

I thought that today might be the last day for flower show pictures, but there will probably be another day after this one.

Today I have a few odds and ends that I just like. On the right is one of the "hats." It actually looks very much like an actual hat from the 1930s, decorated with the pheasant feathers.

The next one is back to the entrance where the formal Italian theme was the most obvious. There was an opera singer performing most of the time. One was this man, and there was also a woman.

Now we will go from the grandiose to the miniature. This was one of a class of gardens that had small buildings and sometimes figures included in them. This one did not win a prize, probably because it only has a few kinds of plant material, and the building seems too large for the composition.

Next up is a display with a reflecting pool. I got lucky and got a pretty good picture of the reflection. This isn't perhaps spectacular on its own, but I'm trying to show a selection of some of the variety today.

Finally for this batch I will just show you a variety of Hosta. This one is just called "June." I'm hoping that I can find this one to buy for my garden.

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Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures. We just had a flower show here in Conn. I could see how bad my wife wanted to go. She has COPD and now Lupus and the flowers bother her.
Thanks for the visit to my Blog.

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Grampy- O, that is sad that she can't visit the plants she would love to see. Thanks for stopping by!

Ratty said...

I've been enjoying your flower show posts. Like I said before, I don't usually pay attention to what a certain flower is called, but I do like to look at them. I like the little tower with the man standing in it. Seeing it makes me want to be up there. I also like the little building. It looks like something my grandma would have made.

Sharkbytes said...

Thanks Ratty- I'm pretty nuts about knowing the names as well as enjoying their beauty. The tower with the opera singer was the top level of a three-level stage where the singers moved around so they could face the audience in any direction and use the levels for dramatic effect.

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