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Monday, March 23, 2009

Maggie the (Not So) Great Coyote Hunter

Maggie the dog, nose to ground

tracks in mud, possibly coyote
There we were on the edge of the field and Maggie suddenly began growling, and the ridge of hair on her backbone stood straight up. She was looking toward the field. I'd never seen her act this way before near home.

Next, she turned and ran to get behind me! I had no idea what she had seen but was searching the landscape in the direction she had been looking. Then I saw it!

A medium-sized coyote ran into the woods and plunged down the bank of the gully to the creek. I had no chance to catch a picture. It was almost luck that I saw it at all. Seeing a coyote in this area isn't so unusual, but I have never seen one so close to our house before.

We walked down to the creek by the usual side gully which is a more gentle descent. I looked for the tracks in the mud, but everything was too soft to take a good impression. I've put arrows to the depressions that I think might be where the coyote crossed the creek. They aren't Maggie's tracks.

Maggie the dog with muddy legs

However, it's clear that Maggie got herself into the soft mud too! I'm always tickled at this look, because it makes me think of a bay horse. You'll notice, too, that now she's confident and self-assured. After all, she chased that alien coyote right out of her territory!

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betchai said...

i am scared of coyote that i tremble with the thought it is near me :( but thankfully whenever i see it i am with several others that the coyote would just walk or run away.

the picture of maggie with soft mud made me smile too :), looking like a bay horse to me too, and yes, very confident and self-assured, go Maggie :)

Anonymous said...

wow, maggie is such a brave dog! she's really proud of a job well done, chasing a coyote away. :)

Sharkbytes said...

Hi betchai- They aren't so scary, I don't think. Here at least, the chance that they would attack a healthy, adult human is really, really low... probably more likely that I would be hit by a car walking to town! I'm not sure if having one so close is a good thing or not, but we have way too many rabbits so it might be good.

Carey- Thanks for stopping by!

rainfield61 said...

You have an adventurous partner with you though she went hiding behind you!!

A said...

Oh what a brave girl! :D Your dog is gorgeous! :-D

Coyotes near your place, yikes... Reminds me of a story about a baby who was dragged into the woods by a wolf, but I guess coyotes aren't as scary as wolves...

Sharkbytes said...

rainfield- You are being kind! Maggie is a complete wimp, but she's a sweetie.

Ane- Coyotes really don't pose much threat here. There are lots and lots of rabbits. They tend to be shy and will eat carrion before they would attack anyone.

Ratty said...

I don't blame Maggie one bit. I've seen coyotes before in the country, and I've never been afraid. But last year there was one in my backyard here in the suburbs, and it seemed much too intelligent and dangerous. It put a little fear into me because of the look it was giving me. It seemed to be sizing me up. It looked too healthy to be very hungry, so I don't understand it's bravery.

humble opinion by sirrob said...

Aahh, here's a clear pix of Maggie. He is damn cute.

BTW, Does the giveaway be shipped overseas?

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