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Monday, March 16, 2009

How's Your Self-Image?


Subtitle I Cured My Yellow Teeth

I was going to wax eloquent about the lovely weather and spring. But this is TOO good!

Do you like my new look? It was another dentist day. I was being fitted for my new teeth. Aren't they attractive? It's all true!

Oh, OK. I'll have to explain. The metal framework is all done and came back from the lab. The lovely pink blocks aren't teeth, they are wax. They warmed the whole thing up and then I put it in and bit down so that they could see what surfaces to make on the new teeth which will next be added to the framework. Another 10 days for that, then another fitting, then maybe another trip to the lab for the teeth, and then.... I will be able to eat real food again!

When the dentist had me look in the mirror to choose a color for the new teeth as compared to my own few I busted up laughing and insisted on a picture!

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AVCr8teur said...

This is a first, I never knew anyone to ask their dentist to take a picture of themselves while in the chair. The picture is hilarious. I do remember that pink gummy thing to get an impression of the teeth.

Thanks for your comment on my blog about the unusual banksia plant.

Anonymous said...

That is so funny. I can laugh because I too have been in that chair.

The Silver Age Sara said...

:) I love the pink "teeth."

Anonymous said...

I never laugh when I'm at the dentist. Under any circumstances!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

AVCr8teur- It really was funny. I had seen the framework with the pink wax blocks where teeth should be before we put it in, but when he held that mirror up for me to look in, I just cracked up! And I was supposed to be biting and holding. I did- don't want those new teeth to be wrong!

Grampy- Ain't it fun?

Mountain Woman- They are QUITE the fashion these days.- and he had the nerve to say that my canines were off center... doesn't he know that it's my brain that's off center?

A- you should... can you imagine having to look at stuff like this all day if you are the dentist!

Anonymous said...

Grampy Here! I could convert the songs to PDF if my program was working. They are in Jpg format now and you can rt click on them and save to your hard drive.
But you have a good idea. Once I get myself together I will post them as PDF files.They are not copy protected.

betchai said...

this is hilarious, your facial expression says it all. i was about to say you got this picture from someone, but then, as i read i realized you had really was amused with the process, good thing you were able to hold and bite that pink thing and not let if fall.

Rick (Ratty) said...

I'm glad it was a good experience for you. I'm always terrified when I go to the dentist.

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Grampy- Thanks for coming over here to respond to my question. I'm kinda swamped this week, but hopefully I'll make some time eventually to try that song out on my accordion.

betchai- yes, funny or not, I would not be happy if we went to all this trouble and the new teeth don't fit because I was laughing instead of holding still.

Oh Ratty- this appt had no pain associated with it (well, except for one clasp being too tight and they fixed that). I think we are on the home stretch!

Retired and Restless said...

I do recall seeing this post and thought it was funny that someone would be able to capture a photo of the procedure. And that expression!
Yes, I can relate, since I did recently replace my own front footh.