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Monday, May 4, 2009

And the Winner Is...

I'm sorry that more people didn't participate in this contest. I would like to offer a free ad every month, so please tell me what would make you more willing to play.

Here are the answers:
1. Trout Lily, Adder's Tongue, Dog-tooth Violet, Erythronium americanum
2. Dutchman's Breeches, Dicentra cucullaria
3. Bloodroot, Sanguinaria canadensis
4. Common Toothwort on left, Cut-leaf Toothwort on right, Dentaria diphylla and Dentaria laciniata. The flowers are white, four-petaled bells on a stalk above the plants.
5. Pone can be made with any kind of flour or meal, it is a bread with no egg or milk, and baked, historically baked in the ashes of a fire, but when the option exists, on a stone or griddle.
6. The quipo is an Inca counting devise made of knotted cords. (A quoit is a riding whip, the Kikapoo Indians lived in Ohio and Indiana, and the word that fits with puns and repartee is quips.)
7. Socks and buskiners refers to the two types of vaudeville- comedians wore socks and tragedians wore buskins, a type of gaiter. (Puritan discipline devices were stocks and pillory, horses might be described as having socks, but not the buskiners, and a wind sock shows direction and approximate speed, but buskiners doesn't fit.)
8. A catamite is a boy kept by an adult man for sexual reasons. (Cardamine is a genus in the mustard family, Finnish bread might be seasoned with cardamon, and cat-mint is the common name of a mint.)

Let me say that the words I'm putting in the contests are ones that I really have come across in the past week. Pone was used in Growing Up in Mississippi by Anne Moody, I heard quipo on television, socks and buskiners was in a book of comedy sketches by O.Henry called Strictly Business, and catamite was in a mystery by Dick Francis called 10-Pound Penalty

OK, ta-da! I think the prize has to go to WiseAcre this month. He got Dicentra on question 4, and implied that he understood catamite. Julia and betchai each got one flower exactly, and Julia was close on some others, but since she had last month's ad, I'll give it to WiseAcre this time.

photo label

This picture was about 3 pm today when we were doing the "big sort" to divide everything into the three piles: carry right away, first cache, second cache. It's now all done and ready to go in the car in the morning. I just have a bunch of computer stuff to do. I'll be up till it's done and Marie will drive first in the morning. We have to be out the door at 8 am so that we can meet the other vehicle at 9 am.

This is it! Thank you for visiting, all my blog friends. I've got the posts all set to show up while I'm gone. Enjoy!

See Contest Day- Win an Ad for a Month


Ratty said...

Good luck on your trip! I'll be here in the cheering section reading your automatic posts and watching for updates.

I'll try to prepare better for your next contest.

rainfield61 said...

Good luck brave one.
Looking forward to hear from you the excitement and fun on your trip.

betchai said...

good luck on your hiking trip, i wish i can keep up with you someday for really long hikes with heavy backpack. have fun, and stay safe.

wiseacre said...

Have a good hike. May the sun shine and all trails lead downhill. Wish I was tagging along.

I only play along for the fun and then not seriously. You got me with the dentaria until I got the color hint. (I actually knew what each word was - multiple choice was enough to jar my memory for buskiners and quipo)

I've already got my prize. You should give the ad to someone who could use the link more than I.

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