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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Live Post! What a Hike!

hikers on the Border Route

We are at Gunflint Lodge, and taking a much looked-forward to day off! All nights have been below freezing, with only two warm days. But it is great! Another hiker we met took this picture of us. Here are a few samples.

View from Rose to South Lakes in the Boundary Waters

This was taken from two days ago's lunch spot. How awesome! We are looking west from Rose Lake across Rat Lake (the little one) to South Lake. The cliffs were about 500 feet high.

hikers checking a map

Here we are in the first of the burned sections we have to cross. We are checking the map. We weren't lost, but a side trail was blazed in blue and we followed it for a half-mile in the wrong direction (sigh). We were deciding if we were willing to bushwhack back to the correct trail or if we had to backtrack. In the end we backtracked.

Gunflint cliffs

Yesterday as we hiked into the Gunflint Lodge, we were first on the top of that big rock cliff, and then we came down off the back side of it and hiked into the Lodge. We hiked 12.8 hard miles yesterday. We are tired, but very happy and enjoying a day in the warmth, and ordering restaurant food!

Thanks to everyone who has continued to keep reading. I read all your comments this morning and have enjoyed them very much. I'm out of time now, but all is well with us (although we are chilly).


Solomon said...

The view across the lakes is absolutely amazing!

Joe Todd said...

Have been thinking about you. Am glad everything is going well.. What great pictures..

samh said...

The two men in the group appear to taken up ultralight backpacking. How come you haven't as well, ladies?

Rick (Ratty) said...

You've been a great inspiration for me. I just spent the day out looking for places where I can do a few longer hikes.

Backtracking was most likely best. I cut across one of my little trails, and got lost for a few minutes.