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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Heading UP the Trail

northern section SHT elevation map

Today we start hiking for real! Here is the elevation profile for the first three days of our hike. Of course it's "squished," so the climbing won't be nearly as bad as it looks, but we'll be going pretty steadily uphill all day today. The very first part follows the Brule River with a special place to watch for named Devil's Kettle Falls.

mushrooms under yellow leavesThis was the first picture (other than a signpost) that I took in 2000 when Marie and I started here and hiked south. That was in September. This is May! We don't know how much snow we will encounter. Just 2 weeks ago Nimblewill Nomad reported hiking through snow, sometimes as much as 2 feet deep at what will be the western end of this hike for us. I sure hope that a lot more of it has melted by now.

Today four of us are hiking north. If everything has gone as planned we have supply boxes and cars placed at all the right locations, have our wilderness permit and are really on our way! I'm hopeful that this will be more enjoyable, and less of a trial than Nimblewill Nomad reported.

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1 comment:

WiseAcre said...

Hoping you missed the rain we had the last couple days. I'd rather have snow on the ground than deal with rain.

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