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Sunday, May 10, 2009

First Crossing of Arrowhead Trail

northern view with spruce and water

The section today I have very little advance information about. We are hiking from Hazel Lake to Woodland Caribou campsite. At least it begins with some downhill! If you look at yesterday's elevation map we begin by heading down to the dip at the middle. Then we climb again. In fact we climb to Rosebush Ridge the highest point on the SHT, although the guidebook says there is no view. Don't worry, the SHT has LOTS of great views from other locations. The picture above is not from this section, but it shows the kind of terrain we will be in for much of this entire hike.

The second day of hiking can feel bad, although we've decided that the third day is the worst. One winter I did a series of 3-day weekend hikes to walk across southern Michigan. At the end of them all I thought maybe I was losing my interest in hiking. Then I realized that I had set myself up to finish each one on the day that feels the worst. That was not a great plan!

I am also hopeful that there will be some greening up occurring. I'm thinking as I write this on April 30, that in another 10 days it might look here, like it does at my house, which is reasonably green with trees flowering. May in Minnesota can be goofy with freezing nights and 80 degree days sometimes.

I think I've written enough about nothing for today!

See The Blog Plan for the Arrowhead Hike

1 comment:

Joe Todd said...

Hope your hike is going well and you are safe

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