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Friday, May 1, 2009

No Bird in the Apple Tree

apple tree, shades of green

I've been chasing that silly Flicker around the back yard for days! Every time I see it I have to run get the camera, and by the time I get ready it's gone! So here's a picture of where the Flicker was just a few minutes ago. Do you like it? I was quite surprised to discover that it really is quite a nice picture on its own merits. I like the softness of the colors and the lack of depth. This was taken yesterday... remember, it was pouring rain?

But I can't leave well enough alone. So first I adjusted the color to bring out more details, and got my next surprise. It almost looks like the tree is ready to bloom. Well, it's not, but this is a nice picture too!

apple tree color enhanced

Then I just wanted to play. Here's something a bit eerie, yet still realistic. This is the posterize effect.

apple tree posterized

Forget realistic, let's just go for interesting. This one is contours. I really like this!

apple tree contours

And finally, my favorite. This one is the topography effect. I can't even really explain why I like it best. I like the contrast between the sections, I like the colors. I like the hints of lines and motion.

apple tree topography

So, there's no bird in the tree, but there is a link to a scavenger hunt. Canucklehead is hosting a scavenger hunt, and this is one click in the path to the prize.

And finally, tomorrow will be a contest right here for a free 125x125 ad for the next month. Last month, Julia won and got a link for Our Simple Life. It will only be open till Monday night because I'll have to wrap it up and post the link before we leave for the hike. So check back to play.

Hike Planning Report
Filled the dehydrator, packaged a lot of food. Full report tomorrow.

Hiked 1.5 miles with 45 pounds. It doesn't feel good, but it feels less awful than a couple of days ago.

See (Late) Winter Rainbows II for another color exercise
See Philadelphia Flower Show 2009 - 1 for lots of color
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betchai said...

yes, i definitely like your picture, even without the flicker you were chasing for. i like the contrast and the peacefulness, you are right, it is beautiful in its own. and i like how you played around with your pictures, i still don't know those effects you were talking about, but maybe i learn those some day :)

Julia said...

How fun! I am always up for a contest challenge. I'll be back.

Solomon said...

The contours effect looks like a mass of noodles.

Ratty said...

I like them all. I always have trouble picking favorites when things all have their own good points. I imagine the bird still there on the first two, but I also imagine completely different things for the others.

This is an amazing coincidence. I discovered the settings on a new program I've been messing around with. I was trying out similar effects as these. I love doing stuff like that.

The Author said...

Oh, I enjoyed the way you played with the pictures. It was fun to see. Your trees are about at the same stage ours are but I think we might even be a little ahead of yours. Interesting to see the differences.

Sharkbytes said...

betchai- I only am telling you the names given the effects in the graphics program. I don't know much about them myself, but it is fun to fool around!

Julia- Hope you will enjoy it.

Hi Ratty- We seem to do a lot of coincidences. I would play around more often, but I waste enough time as it is. But it's SO much fun!

Hi Mountain Woman- We seem to be really late this year. WiseAcre in N NY is way ahead of us, and you are in VT, right? Seems strange to me.

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