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Monday, October 26, 2009

Blogoversary! Win an Ad for a Month

It's my Blogoversary!

Entries received to date: 2

So, big deal... but I have made 359 entries, and I'm still having fun. I've made an impressive list of new friends. I offer to each of you a muffin (see Oct 23) and a cup of coffee... it will just have to be virtual. I haven't met any of you in real life yet.

I've learned that I like teasing you all with a short quiz occasionally, and awarding the winner a free ad for a month. So here you go! Send entries to jhy@t-one.net before midnight EDT October 31 (that's before the time changes). I'll award the free ad, and change the top commenter's links on November 1.

I’m not a big fan of Halloween, but since it’s October, some of these questions will be distantly related to that theme. It’s a pot luck collection of questions.

1. Your son tells you he wants an abseiling costume for Halloween. Does he want to dress as a:
     a. muscleman
     b. rappeller
     c. plasterer
     d. musician

2. Match the word in column A with the closest match in column B (the Halloween connection eludes me)

3. Your friend comes to the office party dressed as a Tibetan monk playing the bagpipes. What do the following have to do with his costume?

4. What movie (possibly scary) has the line near the beginning “That’s one dead burg,” and ends with the number 601 appearing on the screen?

5. Your twins want to dress as Heckyl and Jeckyl. Which of the following should you research to make a costume:
     a. cochineal
     b. cetaceae
     c. corbels
     d. corvids

6. I almost forgot the most fun question! Guess how many birds are on the wire. (Not flying or in a tree.) I know it's too small to count. I said "guess!"

7. For everyone who gets all the short answer questions right the quality of this answer will be the tiebreaker: Flashlights are a staple of every modern child’s Halloween costume. And flashlights require batteries. Who named the battery and why was it given that name?


VanillaSeven said...

Happy Blogoversary Sharkie! In my country, Halloween is not celebrated widely, so this contest might be a little foreign for me. Wish you a great success for your blog!

RNSANE said...

May you celebrate many more anniversaries of your blog and may I continue to live to read them!!!!

Rick (Ratty) said...

First I want to say... HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!!!

Second, thanks for the muffin and coffee. Just from the picture I know they're delicious.

A few of these contest questions look like stumpers, but that only makes the challenge more fun. I'll have my entry in as soon as I collect my information.

Lin said...

Crud, Sharky, you're making me work here! I'm gonna pass on this one, but wish you a Happy Blog Anniversary!! I'm so glad that we found each other and we became blog pallies. You are the BEST! Maybe someday you can hike over my way....

Julia said...

Happy Blogaversary! You have blogged at a furious pace!

Since my brain still has not recovered from H1N1 I will wait for the next contest. Plus we still are enjoying the fleece.

Sharkbytes said...

I think I've scared everyone off. I like making the quizzes a little challenging, but I think I am hearing you all say that they are too hard. True?

Vanilla- Hey, the connections with the holiday are really distant here- play along if you want.

RNSANE- thank you!

Ratty- got your submission. I knew you'd take the bait, even without cheese.

Lin- don't want no stinkin' crud! You chicken pallie.

Julia- glad you are some better at least. And I'm really glad that fleece is making someone happy. It was tired of being kept in a dark box!