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Monday, October 5, 2009

Quilt Barns

Ohio quilt barn

Scattered across southern Ohio you will occasionally see barns with large quilt blocks painted on them! I love finding these. So far on this hike I have walked past one of them, which is the one shown above. I have driven past a couple of others but it's hard to get a picture on the fly.

Ohio quilt barn

Here is one from a hike two years ago that was a couple of counties east of where the top picture was taken. I've included a link to the story of how these quilt barns started.

See A Patchwork of Love- how the Ohio Quilt Barns Started
See Wacky For Waymarking Finds the NCT for a related story


Mom said...

These are beautiful. Wow... I would love to see a few of those in person.

Jackie said...

I have seen a few of these in Maine as well. they are very lovely. Thanks for grabbing some great shots for us!!

Secondary Roads said...

Those are really neat! I've never seen anything like it before this.

Auntie E said...

Those are very nice. I love seeing them when we travel in the Amish country. they are also there. I love making quilts, the Star is one of my favorites

Rick (Ratty) said...

I've never noticed anything like these before, but I've seen barns with advertisements painted on them.

Joe Todd said...

Hope you are being treated well in Ohio

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Hi Mom- I actually saw a whole lot of them counting ones I drove past. It seems to have become quite a popular decoration... in lots of different patterns.

Jackie- Maine is great! Even without any quilt barns...

Chuck- I wouldn't be surprised if some of them slipped over into S. MI soon.

Auntie- You made me pay more attention! I hadn't quite realized that both pictures were the same design.

Ratty- The barn ad business is still alive and well, but I like these.

Joe- Yes, Ohio folks were really good to me this trip. Sad to say, I've had some bad experiences there... no reflection on you!