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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Remember the Creek?

stream in sunlight

I don't seem to talk about it very much, but you may remember that there is a small creek in the valley in the cemetery. Usually at this time of year it's nothing but a tiny trickle. But it's been raining here, right? Today when I walked down through the gully, ankle deep in golden leaves, I found the creek more magical than usual. It's supposed to rain some more, but not this afternoon. It was over 50 degrees, and the SUN came out!

stream in sunlight

I'm strictly amateur as far as photography, but I like to think that I can predict what the camera will see fairly well. Not today! I expected the pictures I took to be a lame collection of dappled light and shadows without enough definition to be worth saving. But when I looked at them, I was pleasantly surprised and knew I could show you "my" (the city's) creek at its best. Everything was turning out well! I saw this leaf float by, whipped the camera around, and clicked it without giving the camera time to focus. Yet there it is! traveling the little ripples.

floating leaf

I took this one more carefully, and discovered that the watery background is the best part of this one.

colors reflected in water

I was trying to get "artsy" here. Not sure I succeeded, but I do like the swirly, caramel look.

yellow leaves by stream

But I think this one is my favorite! I had no idea till I opened this one on the computer that the water would look brown and contrast with, yet complement, the leaves.

Wonderful how a little sun can brighten a day, a leaf, a stream, a disposition! Tomorrow will be the monthly contest. Come back and play for a free ad for a month.

See Winter Stillness - the creek in winter
See Down By the Creek - the creek in summer


Julia said...

My favorite is the first one with the meander of the creek and the golden background. That is GREAT!!

I went and looked at Chip's stories and he was beautiful. I can see why you still miss him, especially since he hiked so many miles with you. :)

VanillaSeven said...

Beautiful creek to explore :) I love the golden leaves on it.

rainfield61 said...

A simple thing can always bring us fun, don't you agree?

SANDY said...

Nice photo's, but am worried about creek being so near a cemetery. Have seen too many times where the creek gets high and stones are washed away.

Thanks for placing my advert, it's appreciated.


Secondary Roads said...

Those are all great shots. I enjoyed exploring the creek with you.

A friend and professional photographer once told me the that the difference between a professional and an amateur was that the professional would probably shoot more photos (but not necessarily). The main difference, he went on to say, is that the professional destroys the shots that didn't turn out.

Lin said...

Oh, I think you took some great shots, Sharky! Nice work.

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

These are nice shots of your creek! The colored leaves and the sun make the parks and creeks beautiful!

Rick (Ratty) said...

Wow! I was looking at a stream like this today too. Mine was one I never saw before today. I don't think I have a favorite here because I really like them all a lot. I love watching creeks and any small streams.

Sharkbytes said...

Julia- How nice of you to read about Chips. Again, I'm so sorry about Shmoobie. I hope you are feeling better. At least two kids should help keep you otherwise occupied.

Vanilla- Golden sure is the color this year. Did you mind the caramel? I think it goes well with vanilla.

Rainfield- Congrats to you too, since we share the same blogoversary!

Sandy- if this creek gets high enough to wash away stones there will be more serious problems occupying everyone! The gully is about 15 feet deep. Last summer when the county had serious flooding and lost many road bridges, this creek only rose about 2 feet.

Hi Chuck! Great news then, I'm professional!

Lin- Thanks, palsie.

Karen- Yes it's all about the light!

Ratty- moving water just has some sort of healing property for the soul, doesn't it?