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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fog and Frost

fog in shallow valley

It was a frosty morning, not our first of this autumn! But that wasn't the event of interest to me. Every once in a while a band of fog will hang itself in the low area about 1000 feet behind our house. I find this fascinating and lovely. It always makes me feel as if there are some real hills back there, instead of just little rolls of ground.

Anything could be happening in that world... it can't possibly just be the railroad tracks, and the neighbor's deer blind and junked cars.

This year isn't shaping up to be one of great fall colors. I know, I'm a color snob, because some years they are pretty fantastic here. But just for comparison, I happened to take a picture yesterday of the very trees that you can see on the right edge of the foggy picture, in the background. The picture is from a slightly different angle, but it will allow you to compare the morning colors through the fog with the afternoon of the previous day.

fall colors

See So Not Ready for a view of the fog on a morning about 16 months ago
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rainfield61 said...

I like the feeling on seeing fog at my weekly hiking trails.

It puts me into another part of the world.

Julia said...

I love those wispy foggy mornings... The best memory I have is when a layer was hovering just above the ground as I was walking to feed in the early morning. I saw my orange cat Jimmy running across the field as fast as he could and about 75 feet behind him bounding through the fog was a coyote hot on his tail. Jimmy slipped under the fence and went straight to our house. The coyote saw me and scampered back the way he came... But I will never for get it!!! Fog is wonderful to me.

PS You are a color snob since your views beat ours by a MILE!! ;)

Sharkbytes said...

Rainfield- Yes the fog is very mysterious!

Julia- Wow... your feelings might be different if Jimmy hadn't escaped.