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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blue and Pink

Pink makes me blue, but blue makes me smile.

male eastern bluebirdEven when they are too far away to get a great picture, you know I'm just a sucker for those little bluebirds! What are they doing hanging around here yet, almost the last week of October? Especially this week. It started raining yesterday, temps in the 40's, not really very pleasant outside.

But here was Mr. Bluebird, sitting on a wire, just as smug and smooth as can be.

rumbled female eastern bluebird
Mrs. Bluebird looks a little more frazzled. I'm sure she is the one who had to do all the housecleaning to get things ready for their trip south! They made me smile.

On the other hand, I'm not a big fan of pink. However, I really love my rock garden. The reason that the pretty pink sedum makes me blue is that with all the hiking this summer I never even weeded my rock garden once. It's pretty sad. But a couple of spots are pretty, even if they are pink. The one below is Sedum sarmentosum, sometimes called Stringy Sedum. It's about as common as you can get, but it's a lovely yellow-green in spring, then blooms yellow, and turns pink in the fall.

sedum sarmentosum

This is the Bloody Geranium. The flowers range from light pink to purple (mine are light pink), but it is named for the color of the leaves in the fall. Both of these rock garden plants are really, really sturdy. They seem to survive the serious neglect and bad soil of my hillside.

geranium sanguineum

You might have noticed that some of my pix are clickable again. I've been working on setting up my own picture hosting, with some ads, but no more naked ladies and sleazy offers. (I've kissed Shareapic goodbye.)

See Rock Garden Purple- Part II for a purple-flowered variety of this geranium
See My Bluebird of Happiness for better bluebird pictures.
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rainfield61 said...

I am thinking what to be up in my post on Oct-26, my first blogoversary.

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

I like the picture of bloody geranium, and lovely bird also..

RNSANE said...

Nice little bluebird, hanging on into the late fall...wonder if her cohorts have abandoned her.

Thanks for the flowers..pretty at any season.

free recipes said...

i like the bird, still a little face

free blackberry application said...

Red trees is so beautiful, fresh in my eyes, i like the pict.

free games said...

hei friend still fresh post, hehehe,, so naturally

Rick (Ratty) said...

I like the bluebirds. I never knew what bluebirds looked like until a few months ago. I never gave it much thought before for some reason.

Sharkbytes said...

rainfield- I will look forward to that!

Icy- I like the fall color of the geraniums much better than the flowers

RNSANE- I hope they have flown today or holed up somewhere warm. It was icky here.

hello "free" person- are you really interested in the posts, or just links for your blog. This isn't a DoFollow blog.

Ratty- You are funny sometimes! I know you will see bluebirds everywhere now that you know.