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Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Quiet Thanksgiving

thanksgiving dinner

It was a very quiet day here, but good. Outside it was raining- all day! Om and I decided to roast a chicken. We talked about going out to eat, but couldn't really find a local restaurant that was going to be open where we were willing to eat. I'm afraid I've become something of a food snob. I'm too cheap to spend money to eat out if the meal isn't going to be good enough to justify, in my mind, the expense.

So... I'm caught in my own web. That means that to eat what I like, I have to cook! Om helped with the project. We made more of the chocolate zucchini bread. Most of that will go in the freezer for the days ahead. We cooked two gift pumpkins because one was starting to mold. That's waiting in the fridge to be used in muffins or something else in the coming days. I toasted the seeds. Those will probably be a Christmas gift for someone.

Then we stuffed the chickie! This is a recipe that I've had for maybe 35 years, and we do seem to use it every couple of years. The stuffing has lots of veggies and apricots, and raisins and rice. Then the bird is basted with the apricot juice and garnished with the rest of the apricots. We cooked a lonely little acorn squash that was lying around, and made a salad. Oh yes, Om's favorite is cranberry-orange relish, so somewhere in there we made that too.

Well, what can I say? A simple little dinner is a whole lot of work. But it was yummy. As you can see, some red dog had a nice treat too. She very rarely gets to share table food, so she was pretty happy!

thanksgiving dinner

Most of the rest of the day I spent working on another story that I will enter in another writing contest. The results of last month's contest haven't been announced yet.

Speaking of contests... I'll have a little game for you that will start on Nov 30. People seemed to want more notice about the contests, so I'm trying to be better about that.

Hope you all had a great day!

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Julia said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Looks yummy! Somedays I dont want to touch the kitchen and I dont even care what is served to me... Sad I can have those days... LOL. It's about eating and not even tasting sometimes. I think the kids drive me to it.

Mike said...

Sounds and looks delicious. I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

Unknown said...

Wow, I really like your new background here.

Auntie E said...

sounds like a nice easy day for you all. We stay in also.

Secondary Roads said...

What a beautiful setting for your table and its surrounds. My sister, Maggie, joined us. We had leg of lamb on plates that look just like yours.

The Oceanside Animals said...

Looks like a good day for all concerned. :-)

Ann said...

Sounds like a perfect day. The food looks delicious.

Lin said...

It sounds like a great holiday to me, Sharky. And the food--YUMMY!!

Rick (Ratty) said...

I'm glad you had a nice quiet day. The meal looks good. I had a good meal, but not a quiet day, even though I didn't have to really do anything. I'm glad the dog got some too. I always liked giving my dogs table food, only tastes. My last dog didn't like it though. She would refuse to eat anything but her own dry dog food. It drove me insane sometimes.

Sharkbytes said...

Julia- It's from feeding so many kids for so many years that I have developed such a dislike for kitchen time. Hang in there! I worked really hard on economy and nutrition and family meals. I think it was all the right thing to do, but I got really burned out!

Thank you Mike! We accomplished what we had hoped. We enjoyed a good meal, that was healthy for Om, and didn't break the bank.

Fishhawk- thanks! I like the colors a lot, and I think the grass itself is something special. I need to go back there with the field guide. I'm not so good with grass ID as some other plants, so I need to double check.

Auntie E- quiet was good. I think most people stay in... we just don't have any extended family here, so it can be a bit lonesome if we let it be.

Hi Chuck- interesting about the plates, well it was a popular design. But you won't see lamb on mine. I don't like it much.

Dennis- I knew you'd be happy for Maggie!

Ann & Lin- I'd invite you over if the house were clean!

Ratty- Is that a clue to your other identity?... let's see. You had a busy day but didn't have to cook. (Or you wouldn't have said you didn't do much) You have mentioned nephews in the past I think, and we don't know if Alice is a relative or a borrowed neighbor. You are a man of great mystery!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving meal.

Happy belated Thanksgiving.