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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Contest Day - Win an Ad for a Month!

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Entries received to date - 3

Here's your chance to win an ad for a month on My Quality Day. If you can read the numbers in the poll results graphic, you will see that there is a great disagreement in how people feel about the contests. Let me first thank all the people who voted! But then you can see that 4 people like them just the way they are, and 4 people thought that I should just drop them altogether! Well, I guess I get to cast the deciding vote, and I say they stay!

The next most chosen answer is that people for get about them. I've tried to give you some warning that this was coming up, so perhaps a few more people will recall that it was "that time" again.

OK, here we go. You know that I love words, just for their own sake. I haven't done many blog posts about them, because I keep finding cool nature things to show you. But these questions are almost all based on words that are very similar. You can look up the answers, or guess, or whatever... but the winner will have a 125x125 banner and link for a month. There are 15 possible points. Send me your answers at jhy@t-one.net before midnight EST on Friday, Dec 4.

1. I was writing an article about traveling and suddenly found myself confused about Baltic vs. Balkan. Give me the names of 3 Baltic countries, and then 3 Balkans. (6 pts total)

2. I just started reading a book about the Underground Railroad in Ohio. What was the technical difference between those who sought abolition of slavery and those who favored emancipation of slaves? (2 pts)

3. I managed to pull a muscle this week. Darn and ouch! Did I pull my sartorius or my sartorial? (1 pt)

4. It's December. Wow! Name three other words that come from the same Latin root word. (3 pts)

5. The sun appears to move from north to south and back between the two yearly Solstices. In the northern hemisphere, at the winter solstice, is the sun at the most northern point of its track, or most southern? (1 pt)

6. For me, it's always about learning new things. Just tell me any two new things that you have learned from a blog recently. (2 pts)

There you go! Again, email your answers to jhy@t-one.net before midnight EST, December 4.

Finally... I leave you with today's sunset.

sunset through branches


Ann said...

Wow those are some tricky questions especially for a tired brain like mine. I would have to do some research there...lol Love that sunset, beautiful picture.

Sharkbytes said...

No problem, Ann. If you get inspired, they shouldn't be too hard to look up. Otherwise, just stick around and wait till the answers are revealed.

Rick (Ratty) said...

This looks like another fun one. I'll have my entry in as soon as I can. It might end up being close to the deadline though. I keep getting interrupted from my internet time the last few days.

Sharkbytes said...

Good deal, Mr. Rat! You have one more day.